Thursday, 6 November 2014

ANGIE 2.0 meeting in Molina de Segura

What we have learned today?

1. Spanish language for begginers 
 - Holla amigos!
- Me llamo Gioconda (Monica, Nela, Dumitra and Dumitru) y soy de Rumania. Yo soy professora de biologia e medio ambiante. Me gusta Espana, Molina de Segura et paella de marisco. Hasta luego!

 2. To dance flamenco who has 9 steps and it is not so easy as it seems.In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful dance.

 3. Single and double loop learning 
It is important to share the experience to my colleagues and to reflect about my placement, purposes (why, what and where).  Strengths and  weaks.

4. Painting in  multicultural group 
The painting and dance are ways to communicate and learning no matter our nationality.  Today we have learned  informal how to deal diversity to create unit.

5. Traditions from Spain 
How to make traditional shoes, bottles (porro) and baskets.

6. Canning industry
Activity of National Technological Center for Canning and Food Industry 

Which experience was the biggest surprise for you today and why? 
I dont speak too much english but I managed to communicate with my group using nonverbal language - painting and dancing.

Romanian team of Europea 
Gioconda Neamt
Monica Ciocan
Dumitra Constantin
Nela Ciutacu
Dumitru Tudosa